Monday, April 09, 2012

The Day After Easter... SET SAIL!

What now? What do we do after celebrating Resurrection Sunday?  Thank God for The Official Zoya Garcia! I believe this sister has our word for The Day After.  Read on, family... read on!

"It's time to RISE & GRIND!!! YESTERDAYS in the TOMB... TODAY'S in the WOMB & what you're INTIMATE with right now, you're going to give BIRTH to in your TOMORROW!!! I woke up SUPER EXCITED knowing that I have the POWER to CREATE the life I want!!! Remember, God gave us FREE WILL. Even in His plans to PROSPER you, you must CHOOSE to PROSPER & CHOOSE to do WHAT IT TAKES to get there! The POWER to CHANGE your life, the ANSWER is already IN YOUR how bad do YOU WANT IT??? 

I know you LOST some things, your business SUFFERED, been LIED ON, were DISAPPOINTED by people who were SUPPOSED to BLESS you but didn't, dated people that were BENEATH you, PROCRASTINATED on your VISIONS, were PARALYZED by fears, allowed DEPRESSION to move in & the list goes on!!! If you woke up the morning, YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE!!! Now KILL the CRYING & the PITY PARTY & let's GOOO... LET"S GET IT IN!!!" (Zoya Garcia, 2012)

You can check out Zoya's inspirational postings at: Let her know That Johnson Boy Said "HEY MS. Z!"