Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Interdependence Day!

That Johnson Boy here, and all I can say is Wow! So much has transpired since my last posting. I have tons of good news to share. I'm talking projects so exciting that I hate to go to sleep. But today's post is not about my projects.

Today's posting is dedicated to the
Parents/Family/Friends and Teachers of the
Graduating Class of 2007.

To the parents of the Class of 2007, you have my utmost praise and respect! Little did you know that graduating that cute little bundle of joy would produce more stress than the San Andreas Fault. Remember how you marveled when your little genius said their first words? Now, this same genius is contaminating your good DNA with some type of mental affliction that befuddles parents/teachers and the medical profession alike.

Why didn't you turn in your homework? "I dunno."
Explain to me why you did your homework, but didn't turn it in?
"I dunno."
>Are you even graduating? "Uhhhhh... I don't... I just... dunno."
We'll call it I-Dunno-itis and by all accounts it's extremely contagious.

From the moment your genius "I dunno-ed" graduation, you became the unwilling co-star in the greatest cliffhanger of the modern era... Stay tuned for the next episode of "Will he or will he not... Will she or will she not... graduate?" It's must've been a humdinger of a cliffhanger because family, friends, and co-workers called daily for a sneak peek of the final episode. In fact, this cliffhanger was so intense that you couldn't sleep a wink!

But, what did you do, my proud parent of the Class of 2007? No, I mean... what did you do after the 4th of July-style explosion and fireworks? No silly, I mean after you rationalized that a Taebo-style kick to the "hindpott" would constitute a crime punishable by jail time.

What did you do? You did what you've always done. You took off work - just as you had in the early years when your genius came down with yet another ear infection. You took off work - sometimes at the expense of advancing your career and often times under the scornful glare of childless colleagues. And you did this even as your little genius appeared indifferent and resigned to failing. But youngster had no idea that his parent was his advocate, his mediator, and chief negotiator. Nor did he know that you left the building with an action plan in place and that you would literally will that child to graduation day. Ok, a dose of tough love/rough love/"And I Am Telling You... You're Not Leaving These Books Unless You're Not Breathing" kind of love.

Because of your love and your actions, the entire world will know what you already know... that your baby really is a genius and a graduate! Trust me parents when I say your sacrifices have not been in vain.

To the family and friends who refereed, tutored, or even pried fingers from the throat of the unsuspecting genius, take a bow! Your contribution was right on time (wasn't it genius?).

To the teachers/administrators, I hear your frustration loud and clear. The emphasis on standardized statewide testing systems have all but eliminated true teaching and learning. I once thought "I-Dunno-itis" was just a phase or the "so cool it's dumb" thing to do. After talking with a many of you, I fear that we're systematically breeding "I-Dunno-itis" by failing to fully develop these young minds. I think each of us may need to look at the emphasis and time put into test preparation and ask our education leaders and ourselves that simple, yet effective question... "How's that working for our children?"

Lastly, to my graduates of 2007, my heartfelt congratulations! Whether you're like my niece Kelsey, who graduated early and with Honors (go Ms. UCLA!), or more like That Johnson Boy (don't ask), you have accomplished a great and wonderful milestone. I have a special gift for each of the graduating class of 2007. The gift will be released on Tuesday, August 14th. Be sure to join my email list to receive your Special Gift!

My friends, I have much more to share and share I shall. In the meantime, to the parents/family/friends/teachers and graduates of the Class of 2007, Happy Interdependence Day! We've been independent far too long. As you can see, it takes an entire village to raise up one child. Let us celebrate our interdependence and together we can and shall change the world! Much love from That Johnson Boy!

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