Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why Men Are Opting-Out of Valentine's Day

Your eyes are not deceiving you. There's a movement afoot that's gaining momentum faster than Obama's Presidential campaign.

Will 2008 be the year that men finally Just Say No to Valentine's Day? That's the buzz throughout the land. After hearing their arguments, I've concluded that my brethren just might have a case. 2008 is shaping up as the season of change, perhaps now is a good time to explore this radical rejection of our National Day of Love.

Should Men Opt-Out of Valentine's Day?

Fellas, we all know that romantic love is a complicated animal. But, what would propel a man to foresake Valentine's Day and join the Strike picket line?

I guess you've never had LOVE
put you under her spell
Watch you get dressed for work
only to make you say, "Oh what the hell"
"Ahhh... boss... I'm not (sniff sniff)
feeling so swell."
Make you call on Brother L.L.,
'Cause Love be "Doin it & Doin it & Doin it Well."

I guess you've never seen LOVE
sauntering towards you
spilling all Victoria's Secrets along the way
leaving you defenseless with nothing to say...but,
Make you sneak a peek in the daylight,
stare boldly in the moonlight,
or send your ass searching for a flashlight.

I guess you've never felt LOVE
melt your bad day away,
cajole your moody mood to play,
then soothingly remind you
that LOVE always has the final say.

I guess you've never heard LOVE
beckon over her shoulder
with a come hither motion
Because LOVE don't give a damn
if the neighbors hear the commotion.

Never felt LOVE's fingertips
linger upon your chest?
Never felt her frenchtips
burrow deep into your flesh?
Never known the intensity
of riding the crest?
Never had to fake a bathroom run
just to steal 5 minutes of rest!

Guess you never believed
that the River of Life flows thru her.
That LOVE would overflow her banks
just to quinch your thirst
satiate your hunger
cleanse your spirit
and lubricate your mind.
LOVE offered you her nectar
glass filled to the brim.
But your response to her invitation?
"Woman, You know I don't swim."

I guess LOVE never looked you in the eye
spoke to your shaky confidence
& proclaimed Oh Yes, My Man Can Fly!
I guess you never soared high under the wind she provided
Never experienced the power of a man & woman undivided.

If you've never known any of these things, then my brothers I say to you...

Strike on, brothers... strike on. Guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

But, as for That Johnson Boy? Love rules here fellas. Regardless of LOVE's rollercoaster journey through my life, the bottom line is... LOVE ~ in all of it's manifestations ~ has been extremely good to me. LOVE's beauty is everlasting. Forrest Gump probabaly said it best...
"Life Is Like A Box of Chocolates."

Dude, take some time to savor the chocolate. Savor it, I say. I declare you'll give up that picket sign. And ladies, I'm wishing you a mouthful of chocolate-flavored kisses & surprises on this Valentine's Day of 2008! Love always, That Johnson Boy.

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