Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Menage a Cinq? Now That's Sexy!

"We need quiet time to examine our lives openly and honestly... spending quiet time alone gives your mind an opportunity to renew itself and create order."

Susan Taylor

Spring has finally made its Broadway debut! To say that I welcome her arrival would be an understatement of global warming proportions. New York clung to Winter as if invoking the Mars Blackmon refrain of "please, baby please, baby baby, please!" Mother Nature responded with a Stylistic gust of "Break Up, To Make Up... That's All, We Do." In the middle of this hot today/cold tomorrow drama were tormented folks like me. But alas, Spring is here!

Just as New York seemed unwilling to bid Winter goodbye, my internal clock clung tightly to the season of hibernation. I couldn't seem to jump start my mind and spirit out of hibernation mode. But, you know what folks? A hibernation well spent is a beautiful thing.

Hibernation? I know... most of us view hibernation as a luxury we cannot afford or worse, it's just plain ol' lazy. I counter that belief with the words of Susan Taylor. Ms. Taylor speaks of the need for quiet time to examine our lives openly and honestly. Most of us operate at such a hectic pace that we barely have time to examine our checkbook. That's the openly honest-to-God truth. But, I say to you my friend... life-changing breakthroughs and (re)discoveries abound when you take the time/make the time to spend quality time with yourself.

The secret to a great hibernation? It's all about the company you keep! And yours truly, That Johnson Boy, spent quality time with not one... not two or three, but FOUR beautiful ladies! That's right, my very first Menage a Cinq, and I can't wipe this silly smile from my face! I say again, a hibernation well spent is a beautiful thing! You want the dirt don't you? Here we go...

First up was my blue-eyed soul sista, Louise Hay. Ms. Hay stimulated my brain cells with her book and DVD offering, YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE. Her book first hit the bestseller list in 1984, and returned again in 2008. Every keystroke and image challenged my beliefs regarding illness and healing. Her book made me refocus on a question raised by Christ, who asked "do you want to be made whole?" I never forgot that bible verse, and it is the guiding force behind my life mission. Ms. Hay's book is a wonderful tool to utilize when we dare ask ourselves "do we want to be made whole?" Needless to say, my time spent hibernating with Louise was very good indeed.

Next up, a blogger of whom I hold the highest regard. She goes by the name Babz (like Babs) and her blog is Lovebabz: A Life in Transition. Babz, like many of my blogging friends, is a gifted writer and I read her post every day. I believe her willingness to be emotionally naked, coupled with her strong empathic skills, will guide many to the comfort of a safe harbor. She will be one of my Mission Partners and we will go forth and do our part as conduits for healing. Not bad for a chick representin' CONNECTICUT!!!???

Next up is the "Set It Off" girl. Every party needs one and this lady more than fits the bill. She's a D.C. native, and goes by the name C. Paige. She's an accomplished writer, having recently given birth to her baby, "Bloggers' Delight: Volume One Love and Redemption." But I warned y'all - she's the set it off chick. She and her crew are rewriting the publishing game rulebook. They've left the Matrix and are delivering Love and Redemption to a bookstore/cafe/restaurant/etc near you. By the way, they don't need the industry validation, unless it's for parking. Her hustle? Ridiculous! Her secret to making me beg for more? She signs every blog entry with "Moved by The Creator, Merely posted by CapCity." How dope is that? I told y'all she'll set it off every single time!!!

Finally, when you hibernate with four women, at least one of them should leave you in the fetal position muttering her name. Lady #4 is just that woman. Theresa Thompson had a lifelong dream of being a published author. She trusted God - through thick and thin - and in 2008, she proudly announced to the family that her first novel Dogs Gone Wild is available for our literary consumption! Cousin T, thank you for your perseverance and unwavering faith. You have no idea how your boldness invigorated and rejuvenated our family and all those who read your wagging tale of dogs abandoned during Hurricane Katrina. Ain't no shame here. Your accomplishments had me saying your name as I thanked God for your beacon of hope and faithfulness!

Folks, my hibernation is done - my faith more powerful than ever - and in no small part thanks to the God I love and the ladies mentioned above. I'm emerging rejuvenated and ready to roar!

Just one question... y'all ready for me? Much love from That Johnson Boy!

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