Monday, October 11, 2010

21 Days in Labor

It's official!

My proverbial water broke on the evening of Friday, October 8, 2010.  Thankfully, I was among family old and new who call the Lucy Florence Cultural Center in Leimert Park, home.  When Patty Kamson exclaimed "now is the time...", I knew exactly what that meant for me.  My spirit was in agreement.  Now is the time - my time - to birth this baby.  And just like that I induced labor.

No one seemed to notice that my water of intentions had broke.  Then again, I was in the presence of women whose lineage birthed civilization.  These, the Daughters of the Dust, are innately gifted in the African tradition of welcoming Spirit home. No need to panic.  I just stated my intention over and over again...

"Now is the time to birth
Must Love Chocolate
Now is the time to let it flow
through me and onto the pages.

Now is the time!"

A pregnant man definitely needs an incredible midwife.  I immediately turned to natural born healer, Rhonda Kuykendall-Jabari.  Diagnosis? Good to go and open to flow!

So I thank you God.  Thank you, even when I didn't understand divine interruption of my flow.  I was close to finishing my first book when You whispered "there's a book that precedes this book."

What?  Do you know how long I've been working on my book?

So I resisted... and insisted... and explored... and tinkered with... and got excited about your idea.  I wrote like crazy... in my head, but your words never quite made it to the page.

Thank you for stoking my passion even higher with living, breathing examples of the love you wanted me to display.  Chocolate-covered dreams of love and companionship really do come true!  Yet, even with my new found levels of excitement, that dang blinking cursor - naked in a void of whiteness - haunted me.

And when I anguished over my good but not great title, you sent me 5600 miles to bask in the spirit of Shakespeare and Company.  Talk about a Parisian paradigm shift... Magnifique!

That's love.

I thank you God for your love. It is unto You that I submit these next 21 days of laser-focused intention of birthing your idea, one stroke at a time.

Welcome to Day One of my 21 Days of Chocolate Labor.  Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow!