Monday, April 09, 2012

The Day After Easter... SET SAIL!

What now? What do we do after celebrating Resurrection Sunday?  Thank God for The Official Zoya Garcia! I believe this sister has our word for The Day After.  Read on, family... read on!

"It's time to RISE & GRIND!!! YESTERDAYS in the TOMB... TODAY'S in the WOMB & what you're INTIMATE with right now, you're going to give BIRTH to in your TOMORROW!!! I woke up SUPER EXCITED knowing that I have the POWER to CREATE the life I want!!! Remember, God gave us FREE WILL. Even in His plans to PROSPER you, you must CHOOSE to PROSPER & CHOOSE to do WHAT IT TAKES to get there! The POWER to CHANGE your life, the ANSWER is already IN YOUR how bad do YOU WANT IT??? 

I know you LOST some things, your business SUFFERED, been LIED ON, were DISAPPOINTED by people who were SUPPOSED to BLESS you but didn't, dated people that were BENEATH you, PROCRASTINATED on your VISIONS, were PARALYZED by fears, allowed DEPRESSION to move in & the list goes on!!! If you woke up the morning, YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE!!! Now KILL the CRYING & the PITY PARTY & let's GOOO... LET"S GET IT IN!!!" (Zoya Garcia, 2012)

You can check out Zoya's inspirational postings at: Let her know That Johnson Boy Said "HEY MS. Z!"

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Rx For When Kids Drive You Crazy

I love my children. God knows I do. BUT, lately I've been wondering if all children come with an incessant stream of questions. "Should I...? Can I...? Where do...? Have you seen my...?"  I'm not talking knowledge-seeking questions. Just your average chatter to keep the quiet at bay. Did I mention the blatant abuse of Salutational Pronounian proportions? "Hey Dad... Hey Keith... Hey Dad... Hey Keith...".

People, there are days where it seems as if the only declarative sentence I hear from my kids is "I dunno."  Help me somebody!

One morning I prayed for less questions and better coping skills, only to walk smack dab into gale force questioning.  I'm thinking, ok God... I get it. If I pray for better coping skills, you present opportunities to practice better coping skills. That's it... right? (At least that's how Morgan Freeman explained it in his role as God in Evan Almighty.)

Just then, the inquisitive virus struck me. I found myself asking a few rhetorical questions of my very own.  "So God... is that how you feel when I bombard you with questions that I already know the answer? Does it frustrate you? Do you ever grow weary of my small talk?"

I didn't hear God's answer. I didn't have to. Roses carry the scent of love. Greeting cards convey the language of love. A kiss transmits the feeling of love. But patience? Patience IS Love... divine love at that. Love is patient. God is love. God is... and you and I are too.

So, my dear Kenneth and Madison, keep those questions coming. I really am thankful that you think I know daddy stuff. Truth is, this Dad is still learning the divine simplicity of fatherhood from our heavenly Father.

Thank you God!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Each of us, having survived the great eternal passage, landed upon the shores of this strange land. Whatever self-awareness that survived the journey eroded under the corrosive shackles of this New World culture, religions, and traditions. Our native tongue was systematically abolished to accelerate the adoption of this new language of fear, distrust, separation, lack, and limitation.

In the spirit of Black History Month, I say today is the day that we set ourselves free. On this Valentine's Day, I'm here to remind you of who you are and all that we are.

You are LOVE / We are LOVE

Inside out, through and through, you are LOVE. Not the feeling, not the word, not even the essence of love or love-like.  Love is who you are--who we are--no matter what tribe we call our own. No matter the trials, tribulations, setbacks or circumstances...

You are LOVE / We are LOVE.

You think being LOVE is difficult? Love is our natural state. Difficult is maintaining the unnatural act of withholding love or being cynical, unavailable, jaundiced, and leery of love. And just because one trashes love to the point it feels natural doesn't mean it's pain-free. It isn't. It's exhausting, destructive work. Trust me, I know.

Let this Valentine's Day be the day we remember that we are Love. Let this be the day we abandon the unnatural language of fear, distrust, separation, lack and limitation. Our native tongue, in every language and dialect, is love.

Have you any idea how uniquely beautiful you are? You are! So let your natural radiance shine through--not just today--but every, single day. The fabulous Ashford & Simpson penned it best... "Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing, Baby... Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing." 

You are LOVE / We are LOVE!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I woke up from a dream today.  It was a dream steeped in The New American Dream...  plentiful jobs, fully replenished 401(k)'s, incredible health benefits and educational opportunities for all. It was a dream best described as Unemploymentopia!

I woke up from a dream today with the words of our family ancestor, Uncle Clyde Simmons, ringing in my ears:

"Ain't nobody coming. Not the government... nobody."

Ain't nobody coming to fix the jobs situation or donning a cape to stop the flood of foreclosures. No governing body will bring about meaningful change to our education or penal systems. Ain't nobody coming... NOBODY. 

To know Uncle Clyde is to know a walking, talking, believer and bestower of Positive Affirmations. His ain't nobody coming declaration, uttered just days before he transitioned, were not warnings steeped in doom and gloom. They weren't meant as an attack on President Obama either. They were and remain powerful words of inspiration,  encouragement and a reminder to our family.

He understood that our solution lies in harnessing the collective intellectual, spiritual, emotional and financial resources within our own family. In other words, stop outsourcing ourselves and bring our talents in-house to create true wealth, true prosperity and legacy for generations to come. Thank God for the wisdom and guidance of our elders!

I woke up from a dream today knowing ain't nobody coming, but us. And you know what? I'm good with that. As we collectively emerge from this dream and act as if ain't nobody coming, we will invigorate our lives, our community and the world at-large, all the while breathing new life into the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,

Free at Last, Free at Last, Thank God Almighty, We're Free at Last!

Keith O. Johnson
a/k/a That Johnson Boy

Monday, January 02, 2012

Reflecting on INSPIRATION

I woke up the week of December 10th to that still small voice instructing me to put out a message of hope for the Holiday season. Its soul, yes SOUL, intent was to draw attention away from a draining 2011 and redirect readers to the beauty that is the universal Spirit of Christmas. The only other parameter was that the project should be free, free, free!

Within hours, I had the title--THE TWELVE RAYS OF CHRISTMAS--along with twelve areas of focus. I began writing... waiting for inspiration... and spending inordinate amounts of time staring at the screen.
The first chapter, A Ray of HOPE, details how my nephew inspired and wrote my first chapter. But, on Tuesday, December 20th, the project and my understanding of INSPIRATION took on a whole new level of understanding.
I was in the middle of writing when I received a text message informing me that a good friend had finally moved into her first California apartment. I broke my no interruptions rule and gave her a call. She began telling me the most wonderful story--a literal depiction of a Ray of Love. I asked if I could type while she talked so that I could use her story in my project. "Of course!" she replied, and then proceeded to go into hyper-dictation mode.
Minutes later, I received another call and upon glancing at the caller ID, felt the need to take the call. You do know what happened, don't you? Another incredible story that sent my fingers scrambling to document her testimony which would illustrate a Ray of Gratitude.
I could see something developing, something beyond the scope I had established for this project. I stopped everything, asked for divine guidance and waited for my answer. My answer came via the divine jet stream. The only reason I wasn't blown away was that I completely let go of the reins and allowed Spirit to move and move me as only Spirit can.
My next lesson in INSPIRATION came from my wife, Nicole. She is the Queen of "when Spirit says move, MOVE!" While I typically negotiate and request confirmation before changing MY well-laid plans, my wife moves immediately. No negotiation. No worries about "her plans or her blueprints." Just shift and go! My channeling her approach is a major reason why I didn't lose my mind and shut down.
The closing lesson on INSPIRATION came from Dr. Wayne Dyer. His book, INSPIRATION, was my introduction to the concept equating INSPIRATION to "being in Spirit." What happened over the next 48 hours illustrated his position beautifully. When I emerged from my impromptu meditation, I sat still until led to call or write a specific person. There was no logic to the process. None! Whoever came to mind as a possible collaborator, I obeyed the feeling and reached out. All in all, I reached out to 15 people. Twelve responded immediately, picked a theme word and sent me their stories. One writer, Gordon Chambers, emailed me his story within an hour, all the way from Tokyo! Another, Australian Bronnie Ware, replied with a big yes despite having never met me or read my work! When I was feeling ansty and ready to take charge, something in my spirit told me to wait. And indeed, the contributions of Cynthia Occelli and Max Luces-Tucker were well worth every single minute and more! Forty-eight hours after that initial text interruption, I had 12 Rays of Christmas beautifully depicted by twelve individuals collaborating as one spirit. INSPIRATION!
It would take me until 7pm-ish, Christmas Eve before I actually hit send and published the eBook. That part of me that loves the details was still battling for perfection. I'd received several calls from folks who know me well reminding me that "good enough" will suffice. Ultimately, it was remembering the PURPOSE of the project that prompted me to stop everything and hit send.
As I was writing this blog, I discovered a very special gift among the many gifts this project granted me. Of the twelve individuals that made up the 48-Hour Inspiration Dream Team, four of them were participants in the 2011 Artist's Breakthrough "FREE YOUR CREATIVE SOUL" Workshop series! Thanks TK, 7th Mark, Rev. Cynthia Bond and donning her Producer's cap for the first time, Cynthia Johnson! Now THAT was a special gift indeed!
INSPIRATION! Be it. Believe it. Live it. It's the divine jet stream that allows us to soar higher than we ever dreamed imaginable. Let go and let it flow. Don't be scared. Don't close your eyes either. Just let go and soar!
Welcome to 2012!

Keith Johnson aka That Johnson Boy

Click HERE to Download Your Complimentary Copy of THE TWELVE RAYS OF CHRISTMAS.