Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Each of us, having survived the great eternal passage, landed upon the shores of this strange land. Whatever self-awareness that survived the journey eroded under the corrosive shackles of this New World culture, religions, and traditions. Our native tongue was systematically abolished to accelerate the adoption of this new language of fear, distrust, separation, lack, and limitation.

In the spirit of Black History Month, I say today is the day that we set ourselves free. On this Valentine's Day, I'm here to remind you of who you are and all that we are.

You are LOVE / We are LOVE

Inside out, through and through, you are LOVE. Not the feeling, not the word, not even the essence of love or love-like.  Love is who you are--who we are--no matter what tribe we call our own. No matter the trials, tribulations, setbacks or circumstances...

You are LOVE / We are LOVE.

You think being LOVE is difficult? Love is our natural state. Difficult is maintaining the unnatural act of withholding love or being cynical, unavailable, jaundiced, and leery of love. And just because one trashes love to the point it feels natural doesn't mean it's pain-free. It isn't. It's exhausting, destructive work. Trust me, I know.

Let this Valentine's Day be the day we remember that we are Love. Let this be the day we abandon the unnatural language of fear, distrust, separation, lack and limitation. Our native tongue, in every language and dialect, is love.

Have you any idea how uniquely beautiful you are? You are! So let your natural radiance shine through--not just today--but every, single day. The fabulous Ashford & Simpson penned it best... "Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing, Baby... Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing." 

You are LOVE / We are LOVE!